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enterprise spring examples and integration tests

Enterprise Spring examples and integration tests

There was longer gap in my blog, because I was busy writing book Pivotal Certified Spring Enterprise Integration Specialist Exam – A Study Guide. This book is example heavy. Fortunately Apress agreed to open source all these examples. Therefore there is quite extensive collection of Spring examples available in this GitHub repository. Altogether  146 Spring examples with integration tests.

Most of the examples use Spring Boot. But as book is not focused on this modern framework, therefore there are included also plain Spring Framework examples. So is is possible can compare how Spring Boot can simplify Spring developer’s life. Most of the examples are covered with Java and also with XML configuration (where it make sense), therefore it provides also good comparison between these two approaches.

Examples cover main Enterprise Spring features of:

  • Spring Tasks and Scheduling
  • Spring Remoting (RMI, HttpInvoker, Hessian, Burlap)
  • Spring Web Services (SOAP)
  • REST Services with Spring (Spring MVC and JAX-RS)
  • Spring JMS
  • Spring JMS transactions and acknowledge modes
  • Distributed Transactions with Spring
  • Spring Integration
  • Spring Batch

As I am test infected, I wanted to make sure that examples are working. Therefore extensive test suite was created, where each example is backed up by integration test. These tests can be useful as ideas for integration testing of Spring applications.

Few examples are used to highlight error handling features of Spring, therefore there are sometimes errors simulated in example logic. Book would be needed to fully understand intentions of these examples. Some examples cover advanced Spring topics (e.g. Distributed Transactions, Spring Batch Remote Chunking or Spring Batch Remote Partitioning). Examples for these topics are not very common on web, so these simplistic examples can help grasp advanced these Spring features.

Hope somebody will find this battery of examples and tests valuable and possibly give a chance to this book.